New Year, Know More

Happy 2016, everyone!

This year I have made the resolution to get more information out to the public about the variety of services the Gretna Public Library has to offer its community.

Whether it’s sharing an overview of our databases and other helpful resources, information on events and programs, circulation materials or various library policies, it’s going to be a goal of mine to tell more people about all the ways the library can serve you and your family in 2016.

In 2016, you will see materials at the library and on our website with the phrase, Know More About…  This phrase will be our tool for promoting information that you may want to “know more about.”

I’m really excited to for all the good things to come for the library this year, and look forward to helping the Gretna community Know More About the many resources we have available!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year (and happy reading)!

Krissy Reed
Gretna Public Library Director

Minecraft @ Your Library!

That’s right – the Gretna Public Library Minecraft server launch is coming soon!  You can pick up the Minecraft Server Use Policy and Agreement at either library location and get it filled out.  Starting September 1st, you can turn in your signed agreement to get registered to play on the server.  Starting September 8th, the server will open for youth to play on.

Please note – this server is for ages 8 to 18. It’s in the Minecraft Server Use Policy and Agreement, but not on our flyer. Space is limited, so please make sure to get your agreement in as soon as possible on or after September 1st!

Runza Restaurant’s Great Books for Great Kids Fundraiser

RunzaWe’re excited to announce that once again this year, Runza Restaurant in Gretna will be donating 15% of its daily proceeds on Tuesday, August 25th to the Gretna Friends of the Library!  This money will be used to help fund children’s programs, equipment, and books for the Gretna Public Library!  Enjoy some tasty food and help your Library provide awesome materials and programs for kids- it’s win-win deal for everyone!



What’s the Value of Your Library Use?

Almost everyone knows that libraries are invaluable to the health of their communities. But, what if we were to look at just the financial aspect of how libraries save patrons money? Well, we did look at it, and we are excited to share this information with our great community.

Would you like a printable version of this? Then click here.

Would you like to calculate your own savings? Then click here.

We found this information so very fascinating that we thought that we’d have some fun giving you and/or your family the chance to see a close estimate of what you’ve saved in 2015! We’ll run the numbers for you, and then share it with you, and then you can brag about it all while advocating for your library on social media.

All you’ll need to do is email Miss Rebecca at, let her know if you’d like an individual or family estimate, include a picture, and also let her know approximately how many events you’ve attended (adult, teen, or children’s). That’s it! Then she’ll calculate your savings and email you back with an image like this:

She can hardly wait to get requests, and we can hardly wait to share all of this enlightening information with you.


Applications for Joining the Library Board

Hopefully you saw the fantastic Gretna Breeze article about our Library Board seeking more members. If you missed it, then stop by the Main Library to read our copy.

If the article made you realize that you’d be perfect for our Board, then get your application here!

If you’re unable to print out a copy, then please stop by either library location and we’ll happily print you one for free. We’ll also answer any questions or concerns that you may have. After you fill out the application, then take it to City Hall. That’s it!

We look forward to seeing what you can do to help our great library become even greater!