Service Guidelines Policy

Gretna Public Library
Service Guidelines Policy
Revised and Approved October 23, 2017
by the Gretna Library Board


It is the goal of Gretna Public Library to serve its users in such a manner that user expectations are consistently met and exceeded.  Therefore, this policy seeks to provide library staff with the expectations and guidelines necessary to accomplish that goal.

General Library Services

1. Excellent service to library patrons is the primary responsibility of all library staff.  While at certain times one person may be responsible for the circulation desk, all staff members must be willing to immediately interrupt their tasks in order to serve library users with whatever needs these patrons may have when the staff person at the front desk is busy with other patrons.

2.  Gretna Public Library will strive for the quality and variety in programs and materials that is required to make the library a social force in the community and a model for library service in Nebraska.

3.  Every patron, regardless of age, has a right to equal access to all materials in the library.  Parents who wish to limit the choice of materials available to their children should be advised to monitor their children’s selections.

4.  Patrons have a right to materials that are accurately catalogued and shelved; all staff will make every effort to ensure that materials are readily accessible.

5.  Patrons should expect a clear and honest explanation for all policies relating to governance of the library.  Therefore, staff members should read and be familiar with all policies.  There exists a policy manual for reference.  In case of doubt, staff members should refer patrons to the Library Director.

6.  Staff members can best serve patrons if all staff is familiar with the projects, programs and activities of other staff members; each staff member will be responsible for communicating such activities to other staff.

7.  Personal information provided by any patron for the purpose of obtaining a library card is confidential.  All interactions regarding any patron’s choice of materials is confidential.

8.  Staff will initiate interaction with patrons in a helpful, but non-intrusive manner.

B.  Children’s Services

1.  The youth services department will use all means within the bounds of available resources to provide service and communicate the availability of those services to the individual children, adults using children’s materials, and with community groups working with children within the Gretna Public Library service area.

2.  Knowledge of, and involvement with, community groups whose objectives focus on children is encouraged.

3.  A wide and varied children’s collection will be made easily and temptingly available.

4.  Children will receive individual guidance in their choice of materials as needed or requested to cultivate and enjoyment of reading as a voluntary, individual pursuit.

5.  Programs and special events will be an integral part of children’s services.  The goal of such programming will be to pique curiosity, stimulate interest in, and enlarge knowledge of the communicative arts, to encourage life-long education through the use of library resources and to assist children in the interpretation of those library resources.

6.  All programs presented must be connected, in some way, with the books and materials that can be found at the Gretna Public Library.

7.  Programming for parents, day-care providers and other interested adults is to be considered when planning a total children’s services program plan.

8.  Cooperation and assistance is to be provided to, and sought from, all local schools in meeting the reading needs of children.

9.  Outside funding, and innovative use of in-kind contributions for programs is welcome and encouraged.