Financial Policy

Gretna Public Library
Financial Policy
Revised and Approved March 28, 2016
by the Gretna Public Library Board

It is appropriate to establish fees for certain library services to ensure that no segment of the community bear an inequitable portion of the cost of operating the library.

Non-resident fees allow use of the library to those outside the city limits who would not otherwise contribute to the library through taxes.

Fines are established to discourage patrons from putting an undue burden on the resources of the library by making items unavailable to other patrons for lengths of time contrary to the fair limit established by the library circulation policy.  A higher fine is established for story stows bags, ukuleles, and board games to discourage long-term checkout of a high-demand, limited-supply item.

Miscellaneous fees for services including Replacement Cards and Interlibrary loan are established due to their nature as being beneficial to the individuals who desire those services, but without benefit to the community as a whole.  Charges for use of the copy machine, FAX machine, and computer printouts are established to cover ink and paper costs.

NebrasKard fees are not assessed in order to encourage patron participation and as the service is provided by cooperating libraries with support from the Nebraska Library Commission.

The following fees have been determined to be fair and reasonable:

Non-resident fee (per household) $40.00
Summer Reading Card (May 1- Aug 31) $15.00
Replacement card $1.00
Labels or barcodes removed $2.00
Story stow/board games returned in bookdrop $5.00
Ukulele returned in bookdrop $10.00
Copier or computer print outs (b/w) $.10/page
Copier or computer print outs (color) $.50/page (color)
Fax (local) $.10/page (no charge for cover page)
Fax (long distance) $1.00/page (no charge for cover page)
Interlibrary loan $3.00/item to cover postage fees

Late fees per item

Books/Audios/Magazines/DVD/Board Games $.10/day
Story stows $1.00/day