Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy

Gretna Public Library
Interlibrary Loan Policy
Revised and approved January 23, 2017
by the Gretna Public Library Board

In an effort to provide community residents with the highest level of access to books and materials of interest to them, Gretna Public Library participates in an interlibrary loan service through the Nebraska Library Commission and OCLC (Online Computer Library Center).

Lending Policy:
Due to the interconnectivity of many types of libraries (public, academic, special) through OCLC, the Gretna Public Library is able to access and borrow materials that come from various institutions for its individual patrons.  The proper care of these borrowed materials is crucial, just as it is important to care for your home library’s materials.

Institutions that agree to perform interlibrary loan and lend materials to Gretna Public Library patrons require postage to be paid by the borrowing party.  Due to this fact, Gretna Public Library charges a $3.00 fee for interlibrary loan service.

By requesting to interlibrary loan an item, borrowers are responsible for paying the $3.00 postage fee.

Borrowers must return items directly to Gretna Public Library and will be subject to the policies of the lending library in regard to borrowing time limit and the possibility of renewal.  These are materials borrowed from another institution and if we want to preserve the right to borrow, the materials must be returned in a timely manner.  Therefore, if materials are returned late, there will be a fine of $.40 per day.

Borrowers will be responsible for all materials loaned including any fines or lost/damaged book fees.

If there is an item that a borrower would like to check out that the Gretna Public Library does not own, a librarian at the circulation desk will assist in the process of borrowing the item(s) through interlibrary loan.