Bulletin Board Policy

Gretna Public Library
Bulletin Board Policy

Revised and approved September 2014
by the Gretna Library Board

As an educational, cultural, and community institution, the Gretna Public Library welcomes postings, exhibits and displays of interest, information, and enlightenment for the citizens of Gretna to view.  As such, the bulletin boards at the Main Library and Children’s Library are made available for the posting of community announcements.  In order to best utilize the limited space available for such postings, please adhere to the following policy and procedures regarding usage of the library’ bulletin boards:

Policy & Procedure:
1.  Library materials take priority over community announcements.

2.  All postings will be approved at the discretion of the Library Director or Assistant Library Director considering space availability.  Library staff will be responsible for removing notices.

3.  Non-profit, cultural, educational, scientific, humanitarian, self-help, employment, commercial or other community services’ postings for events or activities will remain posted, as space allows, until the event, or deadline for registration for the event, has passed.

4.  Notices that are not date sensitive may be posted for up to three months, space permitting.  Each notice will be marked with the initials of the Library Director or Assistant Library Director, and the date in which it was posted.

5.  Limited space demands that no signage larger than 8 1/2 X 11 may be posted, and Library staff may choose to post a reduced size of a notice in order to make more space available.

6.  The bulletin boards are located in a public space, so postings must be appropriate for viewing by all ages.  No nudity or profanity is allowed.

**Use of the library’s bulletin boards does not imply endorsement by the Gretna Public Library of the events or services posted.**