Library Organizations

The Gretna Public Library is fortunate enough to have three organizations composed of volunteers from within the community who care about the Library and Gretna.

Library Board
The Library Board serves as the governing body that oversees the creation of policies and functionality of the Library.  The Board acts as a “checks and balances” system for the Library, and must approve all reports submitted by the Library Director before they can be turned into the City.  The Library Board is made up of seven members from the Gretna community and they each serve a term of four years.

Current Board Members:
Paul Wasalaski, Alma Muhlecke, Marilyn Hatcliff, Shawna Proctor, and Eric Murray.

To learn more about the Library Board and view past meeting minutes, click here.

To print an application to join the Library Board, click here.

Friends of the Library
The Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to raise funds to supplement the budget of the Library.  In the past the Friends have helped us to purchase books, computers, shelving units, and even furniture for our libraries.

Visit the Friends of the Library’s Facebook page or click here to get involved.

Library Foundation
The Library Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise funds and strategically plan for a new library that will meet the needs of our growing community.

Visit the Library Foundation’s Facebook page to learn more, or to join the Library Foundation, click here to get involved.